Nancy Dickeman’s poems, fiction and essays appear in Post Road, Poetry Northwest, The Seattle Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Pontoon Poetry, River City, The Seattle PI, OCEAN Magazine, Common Dreams and other publications. She received her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Washington where she won an Academy of American Poets Award. She has recently completed a full-length poetry collection, Our Crackling Flutes, and two novel manuscripts, The Wind-Scattered World, a nuclear age story, and a middle grade fantasy, The Diving Girl and the Sunken Forest.

While she currently lives in Seattle, Nancy grew up in the atomic town of Richland, Washington, the bedroom community for the Hanford Site, where the plutonium for the Fat Man bomb dropped on Nagasaki was produced, and now known as the most contaminated site in the western hemisphere. Nancy is co-founder and literary curator for a multidisciplinary exhibit addressing nuclear issues, Particles on the Wall.

20160921_191534Lantern is her debut poetry collection.

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